I. Inset of entrance mats is produced on request is based on two basic profiles of polypropylene:

1. P26B/PP in dimension of 26,5 x 7,5 x 21
2. P25W/PP in dimension 24 x 7 x 20,5

Insets fit into standard aluminum profiles existing in commerce, which are the basis for the construction of entrance mats.

The operative portion of the brush is made of polyamide in species of PA6.6 (nylon) 0.4 mm in the form of tufts of 5.5 mm and a diameter of 4 mm. The fiber of this class ensures long service life of the brush, without losing traits. Basic colors of fibers in the working parts are: black, dark gray and brown .

Entrance mats in the basic version is performed as triple-row offset bundles into individual rows. There are also optional types:

  • brush triple-row without moving the bundles
  • brush-row
  • brush triple-row two-color

II. On request, we also supply ready-made entrance mats made of aluminum profiles and insets of doormats like above, dimensions are negotiable. The entrance mats are equipped with a overrun profile facilitates safe use. We guarantee a minimum 2-year life of the doormat in such a solution. Doormat is fully waterproof and freezing-resistant.



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