We produce:

  • a wide range of farm brushes (manual pull)
  • industrial (technical) brushes of various forms f.e. batten, spiral, cylindrical etc also according to individual projects
  • doormats made from natural materials


We supply also with:

  • painting equipment
  • complementary products used for cleaning f.e. mops, buckets, sanitary chemistry
  • polishing wheels and discs




We deliver the ordered foods by our own transport or send it by transport companies. Terms and conditions of payment are settled individually regarding the order’s distance and value.


Please have a look at the detailed offer in the product catalog section.


The source of our clients’ satisfaction is:


  • regeneration of all kinds of technical brushes, including brushes used in car washes, clearing machines etc
  • product confectioning f.e. completing, packing, foiling, labeling and similar activities also connected with foodstuffs
  • assembling, gluing, connecting of components
  • other works established regarding the client’s needs f.e. sorting, refining etc.

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Please have a look at the detailed offer in the services catalog section.


We also rent attractive office, production and warehouse spaces.


A convenient localization and available parking places create the perfect conditions for your own business.


We are interested in cooperation in projects aimed at starting up new initiatives and their further development.